A Facebook Memory

This morning, when I opened my facebook, a memory popped up from five years ago. It was an image from my college graduation in Italy. In the photo you see a friend and me holding one another by the arm, laughing in our orange rimmed cap and gowns. In the corner of the picture there is a shorter woman with reddish hair holding up her phone to capture the joy of this day. That woman is my mom z"l.

She used to call me her Italian Daughter.

She would hold my hand 

Facebook, at what point will she no longer be a part of your computer consciousness

What does your memory database look like?

Who is responsible for your algorithm on sharing treasured moments from the past?

Of course, you know not the difference between the living and the dead, the sacred and the mundane the real and the unreal

I wonder how you will influence what it means to remember - to forget - to process - to move on -

 I wonder how you already have.


College Graduation | March 2013

College Graduation | March 2013