Chodesh Chai is a Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) project brought to you by Lauren Fries, Amanda Nube and Ariela Sharon. By studying astrology, herbalism, somatics and Jewish text, we create informative videos and materials about the months connecting them to the body, the earth and to our faith.

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Lauren Fries

Lauren has practiced herbal medicine  for over ten years. 

Her focus is on Women’s Health, especially during the childbearing years. And the more magical, alchemical use of herbs and flowers for emotional/mental well being.


Amande Nube

Kohenet Amanda Nube is trained in Chinese bodywork, yoga, well-womb care, sacred birthing, and is ordained as a ceremonialist by The Kohenet Institute.  As a life cycle priestess she serves during times of transition such as birthing, adolescence, union, & death. She also offers therapeutic massage, private and public yoga classes, retreats, birth & postpartum support. She is the author of Healing Mama. Her writing, workshops, new moon, and mother-daughter circles bring earth based customs and spirituality back to life. More information and monthly new moon blog posts can be found at


Ariela Sharon

Ariela Sharon is a creative, herbalist, and bodyworker, who loves working with women going through life transitions. She is currently a student at the McKinnon Institute and the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has studied with ArborVitae, the Hadar Institute and the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. She believes that through our bodies, we can touch our souls.


Resources that we use for our content include: