Happy Dead Mothers Day

Happy Dead Mothers Day! 

To you know who you are

I know it can be hard with our mothers so far


It’s all over the place

even in cyberspace 

a whole industry

for the divine Mrs. She 


So what do we do when our mothers are dead?

No photos galore, no breakfast in bed 

No poems, no tweets, nothing, not even a shred

of our mothers to share, it’s the day that I dread 


24 hours

of Hallmark’s genius powers 


So now I propose 

a new day for those 

who swim in their woes 

while this day just goes

and comes to a close 


No blaming 

No shaming 

No swearing 

Or glaring


Or hey! Do you know what?

I'm talking like a nut

There are no rules to loss

Nobody whose boss 


Do what feels good

and Not what you should

A yell and a scream

To flea from this dream 


Dead Mother's Day is hard

And there ain’t no card

to sum up the pains

that run through our veins


It’s not like an un-birthday 

Or the day of the dead

It’s Dead Mothers Day 

That’s it- enough said