The Body Part for the month of Tishrei is the Gallbladder. In the Talmud we read, "The liver becomes angry; the gallbladder emits fluids (bile) to pacify that anger (Berakhot 61b)." What is this trying to teach us? For one, it shows us that for every disease/imbalance that exists, there also exists a cure/something to bring it back into balance. It also reminds us that there is a harmony that we can create in our bodies and in our minds when the different parts of ourselves (different organs and emotions) work together. How often does one emotion dominate our psyche or does one part of our body give us pain? When this happens we tend to hyper-focus on fixing that specific emotion or working on that particular organ without taking a step back to look towards how our other emotions or organs may be impacting this particular imbalance. In the Chinese System, the body contains a set amount of energy. If there is a lack somewhere, there is an excess somewhere else and vice versa. In Shaarei Kedusha, a Kabbalistic text written by Hayyim Vital we read, " The body of man was formed from the four elements...that have both good and evil included in them. These are fire, air water and earth...for the body to be healthy, these humors must be balanced. However, if there is an imbalance, and any one of them overpowers the positive characteristics of the others with its negative characteristics, this results in illness and disease..." As we get ready to reflect on our character and aspects of it we hope to improve, remember that sometimes the cure is not in tirelessly working to fix that organ or emotion, rather there may be another part of us that is able to be uplifted in order to heal the issue. 

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