The Sefer Yetzirah (5:7), tells us that Sivan is the month of movement. This month we receive the Torah which contains the codes of law for living a Jewish Life. The Hebrew term for walking is HaLiKHAh (הליכה) which is closely related to the word HaLaKHAh (הלכה), the codes of law. What does walking have to do with laws? Of course, we can all walk with or without the Torah, but the idea here is not learning how to walk physically throughout the world but how to walk spiritually throughout the world: How to communicate and treat other humans, how to build a relationship with G!d and the Universe etc. It is not about running, hopping or skipping to some mind blowing understanding of what we are doing here, rather it is a day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath, relationship that takes time, lots of time. In the month of Nisan (two months ago), we were born (spiritually at least). In the month of Iyar (last month), we worked on ourselves (counting the Omer). During this month, we enter into a relationship, a relationship with G!d. In fact, on the morning of Shavuot in some Jewish cultures, a wedding contract is read before the Torah Service! On this day, we become co-creators with G!d and are given a tool, the Torah, to create a better, happier, world for all of existence. And the idea that Sivan is connected to the sense of motion suggests that our relationship to Torah is in motion. The changing currents of Torah are imagined as water. While we are destined to drink of her water, we are also destined to allow her to be in motion and flow alongside our present reality.

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Ruth/Eshet Chail/1/22 by  Nechama Shaina

Ruth/Eshet Chail/1/22 by Nechama Shaina