All the trees...are conversing...All the trees...are conversing with creatures...

All the prayers of the creatures are about nothing except the land...

All the prayers of Israel are about nothing except the Temple (Breishit Raba 13:2)

Take a moment to imagine the conversations of the creatures and another moment to consider our conversations. What would it be like if all of our conversations were directed towards holiness? This month, we learn from the best example out there, the trees. Even Moses took notes from the trees. As he said, "There is a man whose years are as numerous as that of a tree and who protects his generation like a tree protects its branches (Ein Yaakov, Bava Batra 1:28)." This Shevat let's try to learn from one of our greatest teachers, Mother Earth. 

The sense of this month is Taste. In Devarim it is written, "For not by bread alone will man live, rather from the word of G!d." How often are our physical needs satisfied but our spiritual appetite is still thirsty? We're doing wonderful things but the taste of satisfaction just isn't present. This month, we are reminded that just bread or just a job or just a partner is not what fills us. Rather it is the meaning, or taste, of those things. Our spiritual taste buds need to be exercised in order for us to uncover what our soul likes. This month, consider what flavors you are attracted to (learning, praying, doing acts of kindness) and maybe try new ones! 

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Meirav Ong    |  The Tree that Stands Beyond Space |  Intaglio print on paper 

Meirav Ong | The Tree that Stands Beyond Space | Intaglio print on paper