While this month is known as Bitter Cheshvan (Mar Cheshvan), I find it to be one of my favorites for it tasks us to turn inwards, build boundaries and stick to them! Of course the funny thing about being human is getting confused and not always knowing how to set boundaries and how to seperate good from bad. Or perhaps we feel like we just cant set that boundary and are torn between our head and our heart. Ultimately, according to Jewish practice, the heart should be our guide- but in the world we live in, brains have taken over and thus we follow suit.

Perhaps to gain some inspiration whilst stuggling, we can look towards the organ of this month, the intestines (as defined in Kabbalah, Chinese medicine, Western Astrology and more)! 💜

Thank G!d for our intestines! They do the vital work of absorbing the good stuff and eliminating the toxic stuff. It is what they were made to do and thus, if all is running smoothly, can do it 24/7. 
While we may never work as efficiently as our intestines, we can most certainly try our best to bring in what is positive for us and leave out what harms us. Even if it's just one small change, observe how much it can transform you. The confidence and strength that we gain from defining our lines is super empowering, especially as women.

If you need a plant ally to help with building up some physical, emotional, and spiritual protection, yarrow is your go to!