At what point in our lives do our costumes become us? Whether it be, a suit you wear to work or a baby stroller, the objects we use and the clothes we wear have the power to transform us. The month of Adar and the holiday of Purim give us an opportunity to change: to wear what we want, carry what we wish and be who we desire. On Purim, we let go of our regular clothes, titles and appearances and take a dive into a fantasy world. Our costumes are new, fresh and untainted by experiences or memories. It is the first time we are dressing in whatever costume it is we want, and we can fill it with whatever energy we want. No one expects anything of us. No one thinks we will act a certain way. Perhaps, no one even knows that it's us...And it's in this space, the space of a random costume, where we can tap into our deepest selves. 

May the energy that we absorb from our costumes on Purim, fill our day-to-day wardrobes with freshness, and may we gain the courage to show our wildest selves even when covered in simple clothes. 

But most importantly may this Purim take us closer to becoming more comfortable with who we are on the inside and less attached to what we wear on the outside.


                                                           Photo Credit:  Alexandra Levin

                                                           Photo Credit: Alexandra Levin