During the month of Tammuz, we are gifted with lots of power. In other words, it is a time of an incredible amount of potential energy being channeled to us human vessels and transformed into kinetic energy.

It is precisely during this month, one full of heat and momentum, when the walls of Jerusalem were destroyed leading to the eventual destruction of the Second Temple. What does this mean for us in 2018? Perhaps, it suggests that this is a time, when our eyes should be extra open, and we should pay close attention to where we are directing our own energy. It is an opportunity for us to focus on the construction of who we are and whether or not we are taking ourselves closer or farther from who we aspire to be. While we may not have control over what happens to us, we most certainly have control over how we perceive and react to the events in our lives. By taking steps closer to manifesting our truest selves, we may have more joyful reactions to what we encounter on our path - and imagine the world that we could co-create with an attitude of bliss and wonder?! 


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