Achillea Millefolium           

AKA Yarrow. Master of Blood. Master of Fever. Remedy for the wounded healer or warrior. Thousand Leaf. Ya Luo 

Family | Aster Family

Where it grows | It is native to Europe, Asia and North America. Common in field and waste places. I see it growing everywhere!

Herbal Actions | Diaphoretic. Fluid generating and controlling. Blood normalizer. Diuretic. Anti-inflammatory. Antispasmodic. Astringent. Hepatic. Bitter. 

Body Systems | Circulatory. Digestive. Urinary. Reproductive. 

Parts Used | The entire plant is used fresh, but the best part is the tops. Flower tops should be harvested at their peak and dried for use as a tea or tinctured fresh in alcohol. Young leaves and roots can also be used. 

Energetics |Cooling. Warming. Drying. Diffusive

Medicinal Uses | Improves circulation. Lowers blood pressure. Effective treatment for early stages of fever. Useful for minor internal bleeding as well as cuts. A digestive tonic. Helps treat tooth aches. Good for pain during menstruation or to encourage/stop bleeding. Helpful for chronic diarrhea

Contraindications | Watch out for allergies; Not to be taken in large doses during pregnancy

Preparation Methods | Infusion: 1 teaspoon to a cup of boiling water; cover to preserve oils; steep for 13 minutes (letting it stand longer will change the properties); Sitz bath prepared from the strong tea diluted in 1-2 gallons of tepid water can help reduce menstrual cramps; Bruised or mashed leaves make an excellent first aid poultice treatment for deep cuts 

Yarrow + Hawthorn + Linden = good for high blood pressure

Dosing Guidelines | Tea 1-3 X per day in chronic condition; hourly for fevers; Tincture: 5-20 drops is a usual dose; Matthew Wood uses yarrow in 1-3 drops, 1-3 X/day; Cup of tea (better for pale skin with blood stuck in the interior) 

Jewish take on it | I cannot find any notes on Yarrow in Jewish texts. The protective nature of yarrow reminds me of the function of the Mezuzah. What do we use in our lives that both gives us protection and also helps us to create boundaries? A wonderful project would be to have an herbal mezuzah case with the mezuzah inside.

References | Medical Herbalism, David Hoffmann; Herbal Therapy and Supplements by Merrily A. Kuhn and David Winston; The Earthwise Herbal by Matthew Wood; The Gift of Healing Herbs, Robin Rose Bennett