Glycyrrhiza glabra

AKA Sweet Root. Persian Licorice. Spanish Licorice. Chinese Licorice. Gan Cao. Grandfather of Herbs 

Family | Fabiaceae

Where it grows | Native to Southern Europe, India and parts of Asia. Grown in China, Russia, Italy and Spain. 

Herbal Actions | Expectorant. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-viral. Adaptogen. Antimicrobial. Laxative. Anti-diabetic. Anti-tumor. Anti-ulcer. Immune Enhancer. Demulcent 

Body Systems | Lungs, Balance Blood, Support Immunity and Builds Strength

Parts Used | Roots and Rhizome

Energetics | Warming. Moistening

Medicinal Uses | 

Useful for coughs and congestion

Helps in the treatment of ulcers and gastritis 

Treatment of hepatitis and cirrhosis 

Relieves pain in intestines in diarrhea 

Frequently used to alleviate symptoms of poisoning caused by pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, lead etc. 

Stimulates the immune system for folks with cancer and chronic fatigue 

Balances the female reproductive system during menopause 

 Contraindications | 

Hypersensitivity to licorice 

Pre-existing rental, hepatic and cardiovascular disease (risk of side effects)

Do not use with diuretics or digitalis 

Use cautiously with antihypertensives, laxatives and corticosteroids

Preparation Methods | Dried root, capsules, extract, tablets and tinctures

Dosing Guidelines | 

Capsules: up to 6 400-500 mg capsules a day for no more than 4-6 weeks

Tincture: 30-60 gtt up to three times a day 

Powdered root: 1-2g one to three times a day

Solid (dry powder) extract: 250 to 500 mg

Jewish take on it | 

Our sages knew of licorice and her greatness! So much so that they clarified which bracha to say upon use… As it says in the Shulchan Aruch, “If you chew sugar cane, you say Shehakol. Also cinnamon and licorice that you chew and only enjoy the flavor, and you discard the substance, you say the bracha, Shehakol. We get to enjoy the flavor and benefit from her medicine!

References | 

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