Tending Tevet

Ariela’s New Moon Blends | Tending to Tevet


 A tea that will warm you during this cold month, provide nourishment to the organ of the month, liver, and uplift your spirits in the darkness.


warm, stimulatingrhizome that gets things moving/flowing. She stimulates digestion and reduces stagnation, irritation and gas. Great for those chilly nights or crampy hours. “For pepper and ginger in their fresh state, the blessing is, ‘Who createst the fruit of the Earth.”                   

  Milk Thistle

An outstanding liver tonic, medicine and food. It is also known to have antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Anger is rooted in the liver, which is full of blood (Likutey Maharan). Rebbe Nachman taught, "The liver is called kaved, which also translates as "heavy" or "weighty." This is because it purifies blood that is weighted with unnecessary substances (Likutey Maharan)." In other words, the liver acts as our filtering system and helps us to detox and process both our blood and our emotions.                                                  

      Lemon Verbena

Your go to herb for uplifting the spirits and calming the anxious mind. A little extra sunshine in your mug, and she smells amazing too! Through suffering and sadness conflict comes into the world. Through joy, peace comes to the world.” (Sefer HaMidot)   

Holy Basil 

The one that you need when you are no longer able to deal with your stress, and you are constantly in a fight or flight mode. She will calm you and help you to tame your nervous system. In Jewish folklore, Basil is considered to give a person strength especially when they are fasting…

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