Kislev Dreaming

Though Mugwort does not appear in the Talmud, I find her actions on the soul to be very similar to our Bedtime Shema. As a dreaming ally, she helps us embark on our nighttime journeys, granting us access to a more vivid and tangible sleep time TV. The Shema that we say before bed has a similar purpose. We let go of the day and prepare for life on the pillow, " It is advisable for a person who goes to bed to take on the yoke of heaven (say the Shema) with full intention...for at the time of sleeping the whole world tastes the flavor of death...then every person's soul goes out and rises up, and the souls conceal themselves inside of the Shekinah (Zohar, Va'etchanan)." Whether it be hanging mugwort in your room or saying the Shema, we can choose to enter sleep with intention and purpose. There's so much to learn with our eyes closed! Perhaps try adding mugwort to your evening tea (or taking a bath infused with her leaves) and saying a line or two of the prayer....who knows what may happen?

2 Tablespoons of dried Mugwort (for dreaming)

2 Tablespoon Oat Tops (for a heartier tea)

2.5 Tablespoons of lemon balm (for brightening)

Pinch of lavender (for relaxing)

Place herbs in a half gallon jar. Boil water. Pour Boiling Water over the herbs and let sit overnight. Drink in the morning and store the rest in the fridge.